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About Us

"Arabellaklinik - for you at the top!" our claim to the entire team and at the same time a matter of course to meet the needs of our patients, cooperating physicians, partners and employees. 

Since 1970, our home has been the 19th floor of the well-known "Sheraton Munich Arabellapark" building in Munich. In our clinic, every patient is at the top and can enjoy the view from their room over Munich's old town and the English Garden to the Alps.

We understand "Arabella Klinik - for you at the top" above all as a claim to our medical services:

All patients should receive the best individual treatment, at the cutting edge of medical research and with the latest medical equipment. Above all, however, personal care by the attending physician is our top priority - and so we rely on dedicated highly qualified and renowned cooperating physicians who accompany their patients from the beginning of treatment to recovery.

"Arabella Klinik - for you at the top" is rounded off

Patients are not numbers at the Arabella Klinik, but personalities whose wishes we cater to: This begins with the admission and continues with the nursing staff, the kitchen crew and all employees. It doesn't matter whether the patient has general health insurance or private health insurance. At the Arabella Klinik not the insurance card counts, but the person. The well-being of our patients is always our top priority.

Sincerely, your team at the Arabella Klinik


The goal of our QM system is the optimal care of our patients, higher patient satisfaction and more efficient clinic performance. The neutral experts from TÜV Rheinland confirm annually that the quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 is effectively implemented in our medical corporate.
Contact person for further information:
QM manager: Martin Geiger


Our Partners

Unsere Partner

Aktion saubere Hände

Like many other hospitals in Munich, we are participants in the “Aktion saubere Hände” (clean hands campaign) in the hospitals module. This national campaign to improve hand disinfection was launched by the German Federal Ministry of Health.